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Spring Intensive EU Workshop 2008

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◎ Spring Intensive EU Workshop 2008

The EUIJ, Kansai will hold its Spring Intensive EU Workshop from March 26th - 28th at Rokko Rest House (Rokko Hoyoso) under the following schedule. Details of the programme will be announced on our website as soon as once fixed.

Date: Wed.-Fri., 26-28 March, 2008 (2nights 3days)
Venue: Rokko Rest House (1-95, Shakegouyama, Koshimizu, Nishinomiya)
Programme: Lectures will be conducted by diplomats and business representatives from Japanese-European enterprises and also the group discussions and the EUIJ Kansai scholarship reports by students will be offered.

*For details, please contact EUIJ Kansai (tel: 078-803-7221, E-mail: euij-k@org.kobe-u.ac.jp).*

Participation Fees: 1,000 yen (including meals and accommodations)
Applications: Up to 40 persons on first-come basis. Students at three member universities interested in EU.
Applications need to be submitted to EUIJ, Kansai Secretariat Office of home university with the following information: full name(Japanese, English), home university, year, faculty or graduate school, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

●Kobe University EUIJ, Kansai Secretariat
(Frontier Hall for Social Sciences 6F)
E-mail: euij-k@org.kobe-u.ac.jp
●Kwansei Gakuin University EUIJ, Kansai Secretariat
(Institute for Industrial Research)
E-mail: euij-kansai@kwansei.ac.jp
●Osaka University EUIJ, Kansai Secretariat
(Osaka School of International Public Policy)
E-mail: euij@osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp

For details of the past events;